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The Coerver® Coaching Method

The Coerver® Coaching Philosophy

The aim of Coerver® Coaching is to develop confident and creative players while teaching essential social skills such as good sportsmanship and respect, in addition to a good attitude to practice and play. This philosophy is encompassed in the Coerver® 5S:



The Coerver® Coaching Player Development Pyramid


The six levels of the pyramid

1. Ball Mastery
Principle: 1 player, 1 ball. Develops suppleness, touch, skill. Multiply as much as possible the contacts (driving the ball in motion) with both feet and their different surfaces. The touch is based on speed: foot speed and ball speed without losing control.

2. Receiving & Passing
Exercises and games to improve the precision and quality of the first touch. Also encourages creative and accurate passing.

3. 1v1 Attack and Defense
Works the offensive and defensive aspects of the 1v1 game, one of the essential elements of the Coerver® pyramid. Feints, dribbles, changes of direction, movement. Exercises and games that encourage players to create space against a tightly grouped defense.

4. Speed
Exercises and games to improve agility, speed and strength with and without the ball.

5. Finishing
Exercises and games to improve the technical abilities in front of the goal. Encourages creativity and risk taking in the finishing area.

6. Group Attack
Exercises and games that encourage small group play and especially counterattack.